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Transport Services with disability access

Community Transport Service


Make It Easy To Get Around

TWCF is changing the way you see the world.

There is adventure around every corner, from going on a road trip to the Blue Mountains to driving down to the local beach to going to your local bowling centre.

But sometimes, it’s difficult to even get around the corner. Sometimes, just going to the shops or going to your medical appointments feels out of reach.

This is where TWCF will step in.

Our community transport service for disability and elderly will cover the Greater Sydney Region, including the Blue Mountains and Wollongong. Our brand new 2023 Toyota Hiace comes with a driver and can fit four passengers and will have wheelchair access in the future.

Let TWCF take you where you want to go when you want to go.

TWCF Community Transport Vehicle
Photo: Jodie Barker, the Torch

A New Way to Socialise

TWCF Community Transport Service

With freedom comes new possibilities.

Going on adventures is a joy that everyone should experience, but finding companions to share those moments with can be a challenge.

TWCF aims to overcome that obstacle. With our 2023 Toyota Hiace, we strive to connect socially isolated individuals through regular social outings that will take them to different scenic or historical spots around Greater Sydney across to the Blue Mountains and down to Wollongong.

With each outing, we will foster a sense of community and friendship on every journey as they see new sights and learn new facts about our beautiful city and surrounding areas.

Sound interesting? Support our initiative and donate or become a TWCF volunteer.

bankstown sport club
Stress-Free Transport

You can trust that our capable team will look after you through your transport experience.

Multilanguage Support

We will explain our transport service to you in your own language, with dedicated Arabic and Hindi language support.

Reliable, Trustworthy Transport Service

We will help you get to where you want to be, when you want to be

Join Us!

Celebrating our new 2023 Toyota Hiace!

Through the generous efforts of the Bankstown Hotel and its patrons, we raised enough money to purchase a new 2023 Toyota Hiace.

With seating enough for one driver, four passengers, and a wheelchair, we are extremely excited to begin providing our community with more  transport services.

We unveiled our new community transport vehicle on Friday 3rd November at the Bankstown Hotel to show our supporters the results of their amazing contributions, and aim to install wheelchair access for better accessibility in the near future.

Read our Torch feature of our Hiace’s unveiling here. 

Want to contribute to great causes like this? Join us for a beverage and enter the weekly meat raffle every Friday afternoon at the Bankstown Hotel. Proceeds go towards amazing initiatives, just like TWCF’s Toyota Hiace.

Get to where you need to be with TWCF.

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