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Resilience Workshop

Mental Health Self-Defence Workshops

Building Resilience through Mental Health Self-Defence

Building mental health resilience is one of the key factors in maintaining mental well-being. However, when people experience particularly difficult situations, such as emotional harassment or abuse at home or in the workplace, it can be hard to stay resilient.

Emotional abuse is as destructive and damaging as physical abuse as it slowly chips away at a person’s self-worth and mental health. It primarily targets an individual’s emotions, self-esteem, and psychological state.

From an outside perspective, many individuals are familiar with many of the obvious signs of emotional abuse and manipulation. But when people are in an abusive situation, it is very easy to miss the subtle early signs that build up to a persistent undercurrent of abusive behaviour.

And when people find themselves in an emotionally abusive situation, it can be difficult to look for or ask for help.

Mental Health Self-Defence Workshops

Mental Resilience Workshop

Together We Can Foundation is here to help.

We understand how difficult it is for someone who is experiencing or have experienced emotional abuse to find the strength to overcome the effects of their experiences and build mental health resilience.

That is why we developed our Mental Health Self-Defence workshops.

Dedicated to empowering people who are experiencing or have experienced emotional abuse, each workshop provides practical tools and guidance to help people find ways to overcome the effects of emotional abuse and build mental health resilience.

Surrounded by a welcoming, empathetic, and supportive community who understand how it feels to be emotionally abused, TWCF aims to foster support and knowledge with our workshops for a stronger, more supportive, and more mentally-resilient community.

Workshop Insights

If you have ever experienced emotional abuse, or wish to support someone who has or is experiencing emotional abuse right now, TWCF’s workshops are a safe space that will share essential information and tools to:

  • recognise the signs of emotional abuse
  • understand the impacts of emotional abuse
  • develop strategies to face, manage, and/or leave emotionally abusive situations.

Discover more about the workshop in our news article. Click here to read.

We extend our gratitude to Bankstown Sports Club for their invaluable sponsorship of this project. Join our community of support, self-care and empowerment.

Community Room 4, Bankstown Sport Club 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown NSW 2200


Tuesdays, 5.30 pm -7 pm. Commencing from 15th August 2023 for 25 weeks.


Weekly attendance not compulsory, it is encouraged.

Together We Can rebuild your Mental Resilience and Self-Confidence

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